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Cultural Walkthrough
Conducted a Cultural Walkthrough of our Center. A Cultural Walkthrough is a workplace culture assessment tool used by YWCA to specifically assess the inclusiveness of a space and its culture. This assessment was the product of our Center's internal DEI committee. Results of the assessment were shared with all student and professional staff.
Employee Demographics
Inclusive Excellence Action Plan
The School of Nursing Academic Planning Council approved the Inclusive Excellence Plan on May 8, 2020. This plan has been a collective project for the entire School over the last 2 years. The plan has goals that are aligned with the School’s strategic plan listed below, in addition to indicators of progress, short- and long-term recommendations, and responsibility for oversight. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) also plans to convene a subcommittee comprised of key stakeholders starting next Fall 2020, who will provide oversight of the IE plan. However, just as we all gave feedback, drafted, and provided insight in the development of this document, we are all responsible for putting the plan into action. We want this to be an action plan – and create an environment where these goals can be implemented, and where all can thrive. 1. Academic Excellence a. Diversity and Inclusion of students b. Inclusive teaching and learning 2. Research Expertise a. Inclusive research and scholarship b. Inclusive practice and innovation 3. Organizational Effectiveness a. Welcoming and equitable workplace 4. Faculty resources a. Diversity and Inclusion of faculty
OMAI/First Wave Visioning Process
OMAI contracted a high-level consultant to support the creation of a three-year vision with specific activities for year one that is flexible enough to accommodate long-term planning and execution, while allowing First Wave to remain open to unexpected opportunities that must be built and implemented quickly.
Program Evaluation, Community Support Specialists
CSS provides mental health and community support services to students recruited to UW through various DDEEA programs (e.g., People; First Wave). I led the creation of the CPTC Data Archive and serve as PI on the IRB (approved June 2019) for this effort. I consult on program evaluation strategies for CSS.
Program Evaluations
We have included information in our returned student evaluations to gather information on how identity is impacting students abroad.
Runways of the World
School of Education Diversity Statement
In an effort to provide a guidepost for the School’s equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) worked collaboratively during the Fall 2019 semester to develop the following statement for the School of Education’s equity, diversity, and inclusion commitments.
Test 1-PEOPLE Practice ACT Summer Exam
Practice ACT exam is a simulated session of the state-mandated standardized college readiness exam administered to Wisconsin students in Grade 11 and required by many college admissions departments, including UW-Madison (as of AY 2019-20). Results are used to inform: 1) student ability to express knowledge in a restrictive format; 2) student academic equity, mentoring and tutoring needs; 3) program-level curriculum development; and 4) program-level outcome rates.
US News and World Report Best Medical Schools Qustionnaire
Each year the US News and World Report sends medical schools a questionnaire to help them determine their medical school rankings. A section of the questionnaire is in regards to diversity of the student body. This report gives us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year to see how many students of color applied to SMPH, how many were interviewed, how many were offered acceptance, and how many matriculated.

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